Above the Treetops Audiobook
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Above the Treetops Audiobook

Price: $6.95
  • Author: Lisa Thomas
  • Binding: Audio CD
  • ISBN: 9781610054652
  • Item #: 5312
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Audiobook of Above the Treetops.
After hearing the voice of an Atlanta, Georgia woman in 

the African Rainforest, Kismah Afro transcends time and 
space and submerges into the local reality with a global 
awareness. The book addresses the issue of sustainability 
through spoken word, instills character values, and builds 
awareness and vocabulary of young readers. The story is 
the introduction of Kismah’s socially conscious voice that 
speaks to individual and peer issues and concerns.

Through her colorful awareness, Kismah instills confidence, 
encourages curiosity about history, society, and the role 
of humanity and its interconnection throughout the 
universe. The global girl’s greatest desire is to inspire 
hope, encourage readers to develop a greater awareness, 
and think about their impact upon ecosystems as well as 
their commitment to effect change when necessary.

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