As the Sycamore Grows
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As the Sycamore Grows

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  • Author: Jennie Helderman
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As the Sycamore Grows is the true story–real names–of a seventeen year abusive marriage.   A Sleeping with the Enemy in the Tennessee backwoods, as told by Ginger, who escaped, and Mike, who abused and holds no remorse.

This is Ginger’s story, and Mike’s. It didn’t begin with them and, despite Ginger’s prayers, it may not end with them.

“Jennie Helderman has taken a heart-breaking issue and boiled it down to human beings, of flesh and blood and lost days and fearful nights. It opens the door on a too-common human story, and closes you in with it.”

Rick Bragg, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Most They Ever Had, All Over But the Shouting, Ava’s Man, and The Prince of Frogtown.

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