Balancing Point
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Balancing Point

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  • Author: Bob Steele
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610055819
  • Pages: 115
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We decide what we eat or don’t eat, what we say, who or what we listen to, how we spend our limited time, etc. The Balancing Point is a point that each of us must be aware of when making these decisions. The good and the bad of each action must be weighed to find a point that keeps us in harmony with our core values. This keeps us focused on what is important to us. Almost every decision you make in your life affects others, and knowing your balancing point and recognizing when you are out of balance with your core values is critical to your success. In this book, you will learn the answers to the following questions:

Why is my balancing point important?
How do I use it in my everyday life?
Why is being out of balance so bad?
What are the benefits to me for staying in balance?

"The 'Balancing Point' theme, and the stories and lessons built around it, is simple and brilliant, with Bob sharing life lessons that made him successful and responsible. Balancing Point keeps it real and personal—and personable—allowing the reader to balance their thinking and behavior against Bob’s lessons. A gem of a little book about life, living, decision making, and defining a more down to earth meaning of what success truly is." - Neil Ducoff, Founder and CEO of Strategies, and author of the award winning book No-Compromise Leadership

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