Bass-Ackward Business - eBook for Nook, iPad/iPhone
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Bass-Ackward Business - eBook for Nook, iPad/iPhone

Price: $8.95
  • Author: Steve Beecham
  • ISBN: 9781610052771
  • File format: ePub (.epub) for Nook, iPad/iPhone, Adobe Digital Editions, etc.
  • Item #: 4233_ePub
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Are you tired of going to networking meetings, cold 
calling, buying leads, or knocking on doors? Would
you like for all of your customers to believe you're
the greatest thing since sliced bread and never
question your cost or abilities? What if you had a
proven method for making business come to you?
If you're looking for a revolutionary way of doing
business, then this book is for you.

Steve Beecham has created a never-ending referral
machine. People want to do business with him because
he sincerely cares about them. He helps customers
with their personal needs---promoting their areas of
expertise to others within his village---and they love
him for it. When you follow Steve's simple yet revo-
lutionary approach to building your business, life
becomes more enjoyable and wealth-building oppor-
tunities present themselves freely. Your world comes
alive and it becomes fun to meet new people. Steve
has learned that it can be highly profitable to simply
spend all your time caring for other people in your
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