Don't Let the Pothead Drive Your Bus - eBook for iPad, Nook, etc

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  • Author: Milton Creagh
  • ISBN: 9781610053631
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Don't Let the Pothead Drive Your Bus is a humorous look
at sixteen Life Lessons that author Milton Creagh has
complied for teens, young adults, and their parents.
They are derived from Creagh's own life experiences,
ranging from growing up (and getting beaten up) in
inner-city Chicago to raising his own children and
traveling across the US. A few of Creagh's Life
Lessons include: The importance of making good
choices; Treating everyone you meet with respect;
Learning from those with different perspectives;
Letting go of anger, shame, and embarrassment;
Keeping calm in dangerous situations; That parents
can learn from their children, too; Living to inspire
others. In addition to Creagh's life stories, he provides
anecdotes in the form of spoken word and song to
inspire readers to find creative ways to tell their own

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