Forever Indeed
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Forever Indeed

Price: $14.95
  • Author: John J. Jedlicka
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610054898
  • Pages: 468
  • Item #: 4984
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For years, the Jesuit labored over a small square of greenish copper hidden in the Dead Sea Scrolls. 
What had he found? The message he translated would make the tumultuous history of the Middle
East look like a street fight in Hell's Kitchen. This copper square was no less than a one-way
ticket through the pass of Megiddo, the place of Armageddon.
Forever Indeed spans the centuries from the time of the Roman conquest of Judea in the First Century 
CE to the present. It joins lovers separated by millennia sharing common loves, common thoughts,
and common emotions. Hearts and souls race across thousands of years to find each other in a love
story that is forever, indeed.
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