From Here to Serenity - eBook for iPad, Nook, etc.
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From Here to Serenity - eBook for iPad, Nook, etc.

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  • Author: Edward Clark Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781610052856
  • File format: ePub (.epub for iPad/iPhone, Nook, Adobe Digital Editions)
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Many people suffer from a variety of mental illnesses,
relationship problems and other personal issues. The
common denominators among those struggling
individuals are:
1. An inability to shift perspective, to look at different
points of view or to display empathy toward others.
2. An estranged relationship with God, themselves and
others while idolizing the tangible trappings of this
world, i.e. substances, success, and people.
3. A lack of self-understanding and self-acceptance.
4. A poor self-awareness of: core beliefs, early life
trauma, feelings, etc.

The key to a person's mental, psychological,  spiritual
and emotional happiness is having an understanding
about how self-reflection, self-awareness and relation-
ships play a major role in the healing process. The
reader will learn: How the lack of self-awareness,
reflection and acceptance perpetuate destructive
behaviors; How Satan uses self-deception and our
God-given needs to thwart our efforts to build healthy
relationships; How we sabotage our own efforts toward
healing and to avoid these pitfalls; How to distinguish
between pain and suffering, and which one to accept
and to avoid.

"From Here to Serenity" examines these and other
crucial God given skills, and identifies in detail what
God says about the human condition, His part in our
recovery and His plans for our ultimate restoration
that individually and collectively create meaningful living.

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