Going Home for the First Time
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Going Home for the First Time

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  • Author: Dr John Turman
  • Binding: Perfect Paper
  • ISBN: 9780985079451
  • Pages: 272
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Baby Boomers are still relevant and hot. Miller Townson
has retired and moved to Atlanta, but he’s no longer
interested in being relevant. He wants to forget the
betrayals, gunfire exchanges, and twisted romantic
entanglements of his last forty years so he can quietly
research his ancestors and enjoy his sexy, unconventional
wife, Elizabeth.

Miller meets Gerald Martens, an African-American business
owner, who also served in Vietnam. Both of them come from
racially prejudiced families, but they become friends, play
tennis weekly, then sit on Miller’s front porch and learn
about each other’s lives and values. Elizabeth often participates
in their conversations. Although Gerald is trying to quit smoking,
he bums cigarettes from Elizabeth and develops an independent
relationship with her. The two men discover that they have met
before. Miller is reading old letters found in dusty footlockers
about his ancestors’ participation in the Civil War. Gerald also
has a Civil War ancestor, but he doesn’t have time for research.

Ultimately, Miller can’t escape the past. His psychotic ex-boss
in Vietnam wants Elizabeth. Meanwhile Gerald winds up in a
strange place with Miller’s wife. "Going Home for the First
Time" is about Miller’s return “home” where his research makes
him realize that his Atlanta forebears struggled with many of
the same issues of war, love, and trust he has faced.

“It’s rare that fictional characters can get me worked up, but
Dr John Turman has created two villains whom I really dislike.
I hope they get what they deserve before the series ends.
And by the way, if someone ever wanted to come after me or
my family, I want Miller or Pod standing between him and us.”
- Carl McCobb


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