Grand Lure: Africa
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Grand Lure: Africa

Price: $16.99
  • Author: Michel L'Aventure
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-548-3
  • Pages: 402
  • Item #: 20844
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 “Who the hell are you, a butcher?” The guard ripped the knife off Charles’s calf and brandished it before his face. His eyes fell upon the plastic bag and shoebox. “And what is this, your meat locker?”

Charles opened the box. “That depends on whether you like green meat that smells like US dollars.”

Set in the year 2010, Grand Lure: Africa is inspired by the author’s real-life experiences in West Africa. French journalist Charles Dufor is on assignment when he finds himself entangled in a search for investment funds for French businessman Pierre Chevalin’s real estate project.

Convinced this new mission will net the scoop of his career, Dufor strikes out to uncover the source of a pile of cash offered by Ivorian and Togolese “financiers.” Does the money originate with crooked politicians or military? Is it from drugs, stolen international aid, or a common scam job?

In a story ripe with action, emotion, danger, and desire, Dufor’s investigation propels him into a corner of Sub-Saharan Africa crammed with greed, corruption, and civil unrest. In Togo he witnesses intimate details of the so-called investors’ operations and infiltrates their underworld enterprises. Ultimately, his life at risk, he must flee the continent by any means possible.

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