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  • Author: Mark Anthony Peterson
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610051279
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“Guerrillapreneur” is a combination of the words 
“Guerrilla” and “Entrepreneur,” and it is the name
given by the author to enterprising, cash, and
environment-conserving small business executives
who are dedicated to defeating corporate Goliaths.
David used a slingshot and pouch of rocks to
defeat Goliath. The author profiles past “Davids”
like Wal-Mart, Apple, and Turner Enterprises, and
derives from their garage-to-Goliath transformations
the ultimate small business “slingshot” strategy
and “marketfighting” tactics. Guerrillapreneur is a
MUST READ for every entrepreneur!

1 Samuel 17 of the King James Bible details
the battle between David, an undersized Israeli
teenager, and Goliath, a nine foot tall Philistine
warrior. As the Israeli and Philistine armies
prepared for war in nearby camps, Goliath
taunted the Israeli army and challenged any
man brave enough to head-to-head battle.
David, armed with slingshot and a pouch of
rocks, accepted Goliath’s challenge. As Goliath
charged with spear in hand, David released a
rock from the slingshot and struck the giant
in the forehead knocking him down. David took
Goliath’s sword and removed the Philistine’s head.
The sight of David holding Goliath’s decapitated
head sent the Philistine army into retreat. The
moral of the story: small players with good
strategies can defeat even the biggest giant.
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