Harmony, USA
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Harmony, USA

Price: $12.95
  • Author: Lewis Bryan
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610055970
  • Pages: 177
  • Item #: 5158
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Harmony, USA, the quintessential, idyllic small town, is full of beauty and simplicity. But behind the scenes of this neatly kept town lies 
a killer, and once you begin to peel back the layers, Harmony has secrets upon secrets.
Everything you convinced yourself is good and pure about small-town life is challenged. One by one, the secrets of Harmony are revealed. You
must decide what is right, as you believed it, and what is justice.
Will those who have done evil ever pull themselves away from the darkness, or will their past consume them forever?
Harmony lays in the balance.
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