Inner Lives
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Inner Lives

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Presented by the UUCA Women Writers, "Inner Lives" is
a collection of works reflecting the themes of Identity, Expression
and Transformation. 

"In Suffer the Little Children by Susan Jake Lightfoot Mullin we are
taken back to a childhood so rich, wild and primal we feel it in our
bones. We experience Mullins’ ode to childhood as a parable of the
human ability to create and bear witness to spiritual principles, relationships
with the earth, and the exploration of self-will that defines us all."

"Daddy's Ashes is a daddy/daughter love story. The pure innocence of a
little girl's big love for her aloof father is at the heart of Melodee
Thomas’ provocative tale. Despite the consuming dysfunction that
plagues, this story ties us into the truth of families; demonstrating how
we all falter even when we mean to love."
- Juanita Langston UUCA WOMEN WRITERS

"In The Popcorn Dreamer Katya's sister brings home a frightened little dog
and changes everything. Becky Watson opens a door revealing practical
truths of mental illness and bears witness to possibilities of organic
cure. Using words simple yet jolting to bring humanity to a misunderstood
diagnosis, Watson pulls the reader out of voyeurism and into
compassionate beholding."

"In The Decision, Jewell Jackson shines a light deep inside herself – past
the places filled with fears, obligations and a need to please others. As
she lets go of the old self, she discovers unlimited possibilities, reserves
of creativity and hidden sources of power. She “gets to the source,”
feels the joy of expression and tastes the freedom to be her true self."
- Sandy Gillespie UUCA WOMEN WRITERS

"With A Stunning Surprise, Marci Haver shines the spotlight on intolerance
and hatred in the most delightful way. With sharp humor and
deep compassion she uncovers what the world needs now: unconditional
love. The sparkling voice of this octogenarian is in itself human
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