Inspirational Mind Food - eBook for iPad/iPhone, Nook, etc.
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Inspirational Mind Food - eBook for iPad/iPhone, Nook, etc.

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  • Author: Christine Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781610052801
  • File format: ePub (.epub) for iPad/iPhone, Nook, Adobe Digital Editions
  • Item #: 4140_epub
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"Inspirational Mind Food" is a compilation of short vignettes
in the life of Christine Roberts:  wife, mother, room mom,
writer, business woman...the list goes on. Christine takes
us through moments in both her personal and professional
life when she was able to consciously create a positive
situation, and sometimes not.
Christine shares the philosophy that a paradigm shift can
occur in your life with both moderation and the power of
positive thinking. "Inspirational Mind Food" provides
powerful food for thought, which will hopefully help you
to live a kinder, more confident life.
"Each of us is special, deserving, and worthy of all the
goodness life has to offer but it's up to us to change and
improve our path."

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