James Longstreet: Before Manassas & After Appomattox (Expanded)
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James Longstreet: Before Manassas & After Appomattox (Expanded)

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  • Author: Gordon Sawyer
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610055253
  • Edition: 2 (Expanded Edition)
  • Pages: 137
  • Item #: 5446
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"Anyone interested in Confederate General James Longstreet
will find this book to be a must-read. It gives new and well-
documented information about his boyhood in Georgia and
Alabama; about his decisions in New Orleans; about his
dedication to the Republican cause; and about his final years
in Gainesville, Georgia."
– Richard Pilcher, Founding President, The Longstreet Society

"James Longstreet is best known for his generalship during the
Civil War. Less well known, however, is the life he lived before
and after the great conflict. Sawyer masterfully tells the story
of Longstreet’s whole life, and how this man of national
significance chose to live and die in Gainesville, Georgia."
– Glen Kyle, Executive Director, Northeast Georgia History Center

"Lt. General James Longstreet was commander of General Robert
E. Lee’s famed First Corps, and the one Lee fondly called ‘my old
War Horse,’ yet Longstreet lost favor among many Southerners in
the days after The War. It seems he thought it best to let The War
be a part of the past and rejoined the U.S. political structure. The
Reconstruction imposed by the North made it very difficult for the
Southerners to do that. This book tells why and how, after more
than a century, he is regaining much of his lost glory."
– Jeane Parker, Past President, General James Longstreet
#46, United Daughters of the Confederacy

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