Johann Sebastian Bach
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Johann Sebastian Bach

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  • Edited by: Dietrich von Hagenbach
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  • ISBN: 9781610051101
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"Johann Sebastian Bach, the great master of baroque music"  
who lived and worked in Central Germany, between 1685 – 1750,
deals with his life as a musically gifted orphan, who excelled early
by scholarship and his musically outstanding performances. His
chosen instruments were the violin, the harpsichord, the church
organ and later the piano forte. He explored and fully exploited
the acoustical capabilities of such instruments and by personal
acquaintance with singers, brought the human voice as solo part
and in chorus to glorious heights in sacral church- and worldly music.

Bach went through various short timed jobs as a young man,
spending his last 30 years in Leipzig as Thomas Church Cantor,
where his tradition is still alive and celebrated by modern artists
and choir boys. A widower with seven children, he remarried Anna
Magdalena, a young soprano singer, with whom he had more
children (a total of 21), of whom only 14 altogether reached a
mature age. Some of them became also famous musicians in
their time. The book lists titles of most of his over 2,500
compositions, and shows in pictures the sites, where Bach lived
and worked. Even anecdotal tales from his life were written up,
when they seemed believable. The author introduced this book
at the Denver Goethe Club in 2012.
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