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  • Author: Dietrich von Hagenbach
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610051392
  • Language: German
  • Item #: 3858
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Written all in German, the book LaZandunga was originally written in 1980 and amended in 2009. As a friend remarked, “These were the most colorful days in my life, when we toured Mexico by car and climbed the volcanoes together.” The fascinating archaeology of pre-Hispanic cultures with still evident mystical reminders, and the folklore of the devoutly religious natives are evident in the German version of the book about this exotic country, which Dietrich von Hagenbach knew how to bring to life, using his native language in most colorful ways.

Dietich von Hagenbach had married a lady from the Capital, whom he had met during their study times in Munich Germany. They tried to adapt to each other's origin and cultural habits. However, they ended up living in the big melting pot, the United States, where their children and families still live. Von Hagenbach’s career in the photo industry was helpful to collect thousands of still existing pictures to fill archives with historically valuable memories, of which some lasting Kodachrome II picture selections are evident in this newly illustrated edition of his book, LaZandunga. An English translation, further augmented with new chapters for his American- and non German reading fans is now work in progress. 

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