Lead at the Top of Your Game
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Lead at the Top of Your Game

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  • Author: Karan Ferrell-Rhodes
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-910-8
  • Pages: 245
  • Item #: 21245
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Very few individuals or companies are perceived as being global leaders in their game. As a veteran leadership and organizational 
development executive of numerous Fortune 1
00 corporations, Karan Ferrell-Rhodes researched over 10,000 global high-potential
leaders, to pinpoint how they rose to the top of their game in their profession or industry. After evaluating how these stars overcame
inhibitors to reach the pinnacle of success that
only 5% of the population achieves, her discovery was this simple yet powerful idea:
Leaders become elite by providing differentiating value to an urgent, unmet need.

In Lead at the Top of Your Game, Karan provides a blueprint how, you too, can be successful in carving out a niche to lead in your
own game of choice, no matter if you are:
  • An entrepreneur looking to catapult your business in a way that draws more raving fans
  • A high potential individual chartering your professional trajectory
  • A manager looking to invigorate your directs into an even higher performing team
  • A leader accountable for long-term sustainability in a hyper-competitive industry

In order to influence others in a way which compels them to follow your lead, she shows why it is critical to master:
  1. Disrupting the game, by transforming your key strengths into key differentiators.
  2. Owning the game, by honing your craft and showcasing the 7 Leadership Tactics That Drive Differentiating Value:
    Intellectual Horsepower, Courageous Agility, Strategic Decision, Intrapreneurship, Drive for Results, Executive Presence, Stakeholder Savvy.
  3. Branding the game, by successfully associating your name, product, or service with your profession or industry.

We are living in an era where even the most ambitious and rewarding work must fight for the attention of those it can serve the most.
If you desire to learn how to lead at the top
of your game in order to become successful in unexpected ways, realize the impact you
want to make in the world and attract a legend of raving fans in the process . . . then this book is for you!
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