Learning the hard way.
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Learning the hard way.

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  • Author: Ron Scharbo
  • Publisher: BookLogix
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-242-0
  • Pages: 72
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“More than thirty years ago, I was privileged to be in the audience when Ron gave the original presentation of ‘The Speech.’ Having known Ron for a number of years, I knew his talk would be a stemwinder. However, I had no idea that three decades later people would still be influenced by Ron’s profound guide to a meaningful life that he articulated that night. I’m delighted that a new generation will be exposed to these principles through Learning the Hard Way.”

—Tom Russell

Dean Emeritus, Grady College 

Success stories. Career advice. These are the usual topics in graduation speeches, yet in May 1988, Ron Scharbo took a different route when speaking to UGA’s Grady College graduates. Instead, Ron shared the story of how his life became inextricably tied to his career, one that soared to unimaginable success then bottomed out in a nightmarish scenario. Through his experience, Ron discovered that it is not our career successes and failures that define us, but rather the happiness we find with our loved ones and close friends.

“The Speech,” as it came to be known, quickly spread across the nation, inspiring countless people to reevaluate whether or not to live for work, or work to live. Now, in its book release thirty years later, Scharbo’s words ring truer than ever.

It is time we all embrace the realization that what we do is not who we are.

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