Legend of the Moonlight Dancers
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Legend of the Moonlight Dancers

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  • Author: Patricia McLarin
  • Illustrator: Sandra fw Beaty
  • Binding:
  • ISBN: 9781610051842
  • Pages: 22
  • Item #: 4015
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The few books of my childhood were great storehouses
filled with legends, where one never knew when a faerie
would appear or in what guide. And so I lived--and live--
quite happily in a state of mind that sees the wee folk in
many spots. I would not, for anything, want to lose sight
of their dancing feet or the exuberant feeling of freedom
as they hide and play, capturing my imaginings, adding
wonder to ordinary days. These gleeful sprites have been
in my life-long companions in a pretend world whose
enchanted boundaries can be reached only on the soft
winds beneath the faerie wings.

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