Letters to Virtue
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Letters to Virtue

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  • Edited by: Ann K. Gunnin
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  • ISBN: 9781610055208
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Charles W. Sherman enlisted in the Twelfth Connecticut Volunteer Infantry in January 1862. His arduous Civil War journey is eloquently described in 160 letters that date from March 5, 1862, to October 15, 1864, four days before he was killed in the Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia.

Charles's English birth and experiences as an infantryman combine to present a unique perspective not often found |in such collections. In his letters, Charles shared his keen observations of life around him, which transport the reader to the turmoil of mid-nineteenth-century America. His vivid descriptions of people, places, and battles provide a glimpse into the human side of war, while his wry--and sometimes angry or frustrated--comments on national events immerse the reader in the emotions of the time. This is a Civil War journey not to be forgotten.

The book also features historical content concerning the activities and engagements of the regiment, researched annotations, plus appendices noting family history, “A Soldier’s Pay,” and photos from Winchester National Cemetery. This added material separates this work from most books of letters and serves to further contribute to the reader's insights into the Civil War.

 " . . . While Sherman’s letters offer insight into a variety of aspects which dominated a soldier’s life and are typical among published collections . . this . . . this anything but a typical collection. . . . The richness and depth of Private Sherman’s letters make this collection, so skillfully edited and appropriately illustrated with maps and photographs, a desirable volume for Civil War historians who desire to understand the conflict’s complex dimensions, soldier life, the horrors of the battlefield, gender, occupation, and emancipation." -Jonathan A. Noyalas, The Civil War Monitor


*Recipient of 2016 Lulu Downey Cadwalader Award from DUVCW
*Accepted into the NSDAR library"

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