Little Bunny Gets an Award

Price: $10.95
  • Author: Terry Markoff
  • Illustrator: Jeannie Dickson
  • Publisher: BookLogix
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610057653
  • Pages: 32
  • For Ages: 4 to 7
  • Item #: 6577
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Just this morning Little Bunny had gone happily off to school with thoughts of the awards that he hoped to win at his school’s award ceremony swimming in his head. But there was little chance of that now. As he climbed out of Boggy Pond, all he could think about was his mother’s warning not to get dirty and to make sure that he got to school on time. He wiped mud and wet leaves from his clothes and noticed the sun peeking out from the trees that lined the path to school.

You see, Little Bunny is the type of friend who would never pass up the opportunity to help out a friend in need—even when it leads to trouble. Find out what happens to him and his friends, Flat Tail, Turtle, and Skunk, on their last day of school, as they end up running for their lives from
Mr. Barker’s dog, Bad Dog.

"Bad Dog suddenly burst through the tall weeds that separated him from his prey. Snarling and yelping in dismay, he watched as the four little
friends scampered to safety on the other side of the creek. Not willing to give up, Bad Dog leaped across the creek in one bound and growled in
a most ferocious manner." 

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