Messages from the Breathless: Young Writers Contest Winner
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Messages from the Breathless: Young Writers Contest Winner

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  • Author: Savannah McLeod
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610051354
  • Pages: 84
  • Item #: 3864
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Winner of the 2011 Young Writers Contest! 
“One new message from Hunter …”
I shut my phone. I knew Hunter was really
texting me, but there
was no use trying to
show anyone. If Hunter had survived the

crash, none of this would have happened.
If only he hadn’t been
buried with his phone.
The text was one of several. I knew if I

tried to show anyone, the message would
just disappear. It
always did. If only I could
find some way to prove he was really

texting me, to prove I was really getting…
Messages from the Breathless. 
Alicia realizes something is wrong when she gets 
a text message from her dead boyfriend, Hunter.
He was buried with his phone, but she knows the
messages can’t be coming from him. Can they?
She can’t help reading them over and over. The
worst part is that no one believes her, and the
messages vanish whenever she tries to show
anyone. Could she really be getting messages
from Hunter? Or is she insane?
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