Mountain Stories: Appalachian Tales, Interesting Places, History

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  • Author: Kathy Thompson
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0-9818712-4-0
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“Who knew that ...” Abraham Lincoln’s biological father is buried in Murphy? Elvis once ate in Ducktown, Tn. That due to the weird boundary line in Copperhill, McCaysville the same man, in the same house, was the mayor of two towns in two states. What is still under mountain lakes in three states? The Czar of Russia had a TNT plant built in Copperhill, Tn. Deliverance author James Dickey’s grandfather lived in Mineral Bluff and that the author had a personal encounter with gun-toting mountain moonshiners before he wrote Deliverance. There is an echo chamber in downtown Murphy NC and a pyramid atop a hill. Read the stories of real people. Working at Bell Bomber during WWII. The youngest Confederate soldier (enlisted at age 10) was from Ellijay, Ga. Ever drive past or eat at Poole’s BBQ in Ellijay and wondered about the thousands of pig signs? Memories of the Blizzard of 92. And much much more!

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