Muqurrabun: The Land of Majid
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Muqurrabun: The Land of Majid

Price: $10.95
  • Author: Robert Anthony Bethea
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610053341
  • Pages: 57
  • Item #: 3502
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"Enter the mystical Land of Majid, where the Garden 
of Muqurraban holds the entrancing secrets of the
The evil and exiled Akumar has risen from the
depths of the earth with an army of children at his
side. His singular goal? To steal all of the Books
of Power that govern their world. Lord Hakeem,
ruler of Majid, tasks his son Atir and his group of
gifted friends to protect the Books, one by one,
they start slipping away into the hands of Akumar.
Who will triumph in the battle of good versus evil?
Can young Atir bring peace to the Garden of
Muqurraban once more?
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