Nine Lives of a Marriage - A Curious Journey
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Nine Lives of a Marriage - A Curious Journey

Price: $19.95
  • Author: Eva Friedlander & Mickey Goodman
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610050081
  • Item #: 2947
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Like their pet cat, Rainy, the marriage of Eva and George Friedlander had nine lives. The seeds of their romance blossomed in the ashes of post-World War II Hungary, were transplanted to Rome where the couple married, and took root in America. In a perfect world, they were an ideal couple. She was a dazzling Ingrid Bergman look-alike and brilliant entrepreneur who disappeared in plain sight during the Holocaust. He was a brilliant scientist who escaped from three forced labor camps more adaptly than Agent 007 and saved numerous Jewish lives while working with both the Hungarian and the French underground. But how many wives can say they really know the man they married? The story follows the Friedlanders through their individual wartime experiences, George's 45-year love affair with another woman and their tumultuous years of living separate lives under one roof. Then a traumatic event opened their hearts. But after all the acrimony, could the couple come full circle at the end of his life? Eva's memoir of danger, romance and betrayal reads more like a novel than a biography and is a testament to her ability to emerge from George's shadow. It is a must read for those facing adversity and infidelity.

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