Pithy Business Quotes (13th Edition)
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Pithy Business Quotes (13th Edition)

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  • Author: Bud Carter
  • Publisher: BookLogix
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-61005-118-7
  • Pages: 257
  • Item #: 5899_2017
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Bud Carter’s collection of business quotes is the by-product of more than 20 years as Chairman for Vistage, an international organization for CEOs. In that capacity, Carter has heard more than 300 speakers, copying their more salient comments, adding others found in the business press, and then compiling and publishing them for his members, other Vistage Chairmen and the general public.

Carter’s fascination with quotes likely started when he was an award winning radio news editor, then a TV anchorman, and ultimately the publisher/editor of an issues and business weekly newspaper. After he moved to Atlanta, he was recruited to become Vistage’s first Chairman and began collecting the “salient snippets” shared by the speakers appearing before his groups. Since the 1987 start-up, Carter and his groups have heard more than 900 speaker presentations, and he has now published eleven editions of their pithy quotes.

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