Reel Talk: A Cinemoir of images, people and ideas
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Reel Talk: A Cinemoir of images, people and ideas

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  • Author: Spencer Moon
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780615568157
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This book for the New Millennium is a genre-bending
mélange that includes memoir with film and media
history. There isn’t any other book like this one.
This book combines the story of Spencer Moon's life,
and his time working in media along with a significant
number of films and television programs from all over
the world germane to the story. The book is also a
series of love stories; about Black people in America;
portrait of three cities Detroit, San Francisco & Atlanta. 

“The author has conceived an interesting and very
different sort of biography in combining often vivid
reactions to cinematic and other entertainment
influences mostly music - along with the many ups
and downs of his busy life. Termed a Cinemoir, the
book provides a striking roster of candid and intimate
experiences from childhood to late middle age. Many
experiences clearly relate to the cinematic and
musical fare. His opinions of what he had seen, and
other aspects and people in his life, have a convincing
honesty. The montage of images, ideas, and people
provides an illuminating portrait of an unusual
individual. His prolonged collegiate studies, jobs and
their assorted responsibilities, and romantic interests
all come alive with intriguing and incisive commentary.
One vital relationship is especially recorded with actual
email messages between the author and his girlfriend.
Many current events in the U.S., including the impact
of inter-racial elements, come into critical play.  
Reading the book provides a rich tapestry of a man’s
life and loves, especially as they are affected by his
film and musical tastes.” - Writer's Digest 20th Annual
Self-Published Book Awards 

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