Reflections of a Rocket Scientist
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Reflections of a Rocket Scientist

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  • Author: C.W. Schnare
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610051330
  • Pages: 264
  • Item #: 3701
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*Includes "The Atlantians," a collaboration by C.W. Schnare
and Dr. Terry Schnare.  

Sometimes genius appears from an unknown source, and you
ask the question, "How does this occur?" The son of a mechanic,
with ancestral groundings in farming, becomes a pioneering
rocket scientist. "How does something like this happen?"
This story recounts the life of an extraordinary individual -
my father - who grew up in a small town during the Great
Depression. Dad went on to solve difficult avionics problems
for our country during World War II, and then helped to keep
the Cold War cold by developing superior rocket engines that
were powerful enough to get men safely to and from the moon.
I believe you will enjoy reading about someone from the
Greatest Generation, a man who seldom received the recognition
he so richly deserved because so much of his work was classified.

The second half of this book relates to a theory that Dad and
I developed to answer the "What ifs...'" about the lost kingdom
of Atlantis. This scenario presents an interesting story about its
inhabitants, their possible beginnings, and their final destinations.
This musing offers a definitive and plausible explanation about
the unsolved mysteries that neither science nor history has
been able to answer.

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