Small Town Blessings
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Small Town Blessings

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  • Author: Mary Ann Bracegirdle
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610052825
  • Pages: 150
  • Item #: 4234
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Small towns have become all but a memory of the 
past. Those who lived in them, benefited from a
close-knit community where everyone knew every-
one, and neighbors took care of neighbors. This
little book, "Small Town Blessings," is a big story
of growing up in the 1930s and 40s during the
Great Depression and WWII.
Mary Bracegirdle describes, with vivid accuracy, 
what small town living was like during this period,
and impressively memorializes the town, people,
and family who raised her in a simpler time. It is
a history book for those that have traveled the
time from the Model T-Ford to text messaging.
For those who lived it, it is a still sepia picture 
where good memories are focused in the mind’s
eye and bad ones dulled by time; where small
town ideals shaped the bedrock of American
principles. For those who didn’t, it is a glimpse
into a time that should always be remembered
for gifting us with the Greatest Generation.
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