Splashdown: The Rescue of a Navy Frogman
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Splashdown: The Rescue of a Navy Frogman

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  • Author: John Wolfram
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610052337
  • Pages: 272
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On July 20, 1969 America did the impossible. Astronaut 
Armstrong's left boot sank into the charcoal-like lunar
powder as the citizens of Earth held their breath in
wonder. They listened in awe as his words resounded
through space and time. "That's one small step for (a)
man, one giant leap for mankind."

Four days later, in the midst of the media's frenzied
activity aboard the USS Hornet, the space capsule
Columbia burned through the earth's atmosphere
and SPLASHED DOWN into the Pacific Ocean.

UDT/SEAL John Wolfram, a member of the Navy's
elite Special Forces and trained in spacecraft recovery,
leaped from a Sea King Helicopter into the waves of
the Pacific Ocean to become the first person on Earth
to greet the astronauts.

Despite a difficult childhood, plagued with crushing
disappointments and multiple brushes with death,
Wolfram dared to reach past his limit. His firsthand
experiences are intricately woven into a fascinating
period of America's history. Journey with him as he
recounts Basic Underwater Demolition Training, the
living hell known as the Vietnam War, and the rescue
of the Apollo 11 astronauts from the sea.

"Splashdown: The Rescue of a Navy Frogman" is an
inspiration to all who strive to achieve the impossible
and is a remarkable challenge to those who seek
inner strength.
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