The 4 Faces of Frustration
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The 4 Faces of Frustration

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  • Author: Andrew Oxley
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610054355
  • Pages: 161
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In The 4 Faces of Frustration, Oxley has penned 
a leadership fable that entertains as well as it

Jack Staff, the newly appointed CEO of AmeriSys,
did not know what he was getting into when he
accepted his new position. Having set a goal to
be a CEO by the age of forty-five, he thought
that he had succeeded when the board of
AmeriSys offered him the job. 
Little did he know that there were serious issues 
awaiting him-challenges that could derail his
dreams before he even started. The board had
neglected to let him know that the previous CEO
had left the company under a hail of customer
complaints and that the employees were in
open revolt.

Oxley’s insight into the dynamics that drive
business performance are woven into the
fabric of the story. In The 4 Faces of
, Oxley explains the reasons why
companies struggle to create customer
loyalty and employee engagement—and
provides a road map of how to engage both
groups in an actionable plan that delivers
bottom-line business results.
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