The Battle-Tested Leader
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The Battle-Tested Leader

Price: $14.99
  • Author: Blake Williams
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-6653-0105-3
  • Pages: 154
  • Item #: 23456_POD
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This book introduces a brand-new framework of leadership for the student-athlete. Some of the many benefits of this framework include:

  • Ability for coaches to more easily create and sustain a culture of leadership 
  • Identifies more leaders that coaches can delegate responsibilities to 
  • Provides more opportunities for student-athletes to step into a leadership role
  • Enable student-athletes to identify and leverage their leadership strengths 
  • Provides a path forward for student-athletes that might not yet be ready to lead others
  • Helps more players feel valued for the role they play on their team
  • Can be used to replace, or be used in conjunction with any existing captain’s council 
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