The Client Nation

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  • Author: Rico Pena
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610050098
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This book is the passport that will grant you access into the fastest growing market in the world, THE CLIENT NATION. THE CLIENT NATION decides the how, why and what is sold. Their opinions influence others and decide the course of products and services. Ignoring the power of THE CLIENT NATION can make it difficult to grow and succeed. Imagine unlocking the "secret code" that prohibits prospects from buying from you, and then creating a way that they are magically attracted to your business. In "The Client Nation" Human Behavior Expert Rico Pena unlocks this secret code. He explains what inspires THE CLIENT NATION and how they make decisions about the products and services they buy and use, and how you can use this knowledge to better market your services and grow your business.

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