The Day Katie McAvity Turned Off Gravity
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The Day Katie McAvity Turned Off Gravity

Price: $12.95
  • Author: Barry "Papabur" Shettel
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610055840
  • Pages: 34
  • Item #: 5900
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Katie, a fun-loving and inquisitive girl, loved her grandfather’s shed, especially all the treasures inside. While rummaging one day, she made a discovery that was out of this world!

So there in the middle of Grandfather’s shed,
Katie did it; she pushed it, that button of red.
The shed shook, the wind blew, and things moved about.
“This is so strange!” Katie said with a shout.

A red button? In Katie’s opinion, it simply had to be pushed! Her one push caused things to become unglued, including her grandfather’s shed, garden hoses, elephants, trees, ladders, her town, and more!

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