The Military and The Monarchy
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The Military and The Monarchy

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  • Author: Kevin W. Farrell
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"The Military and the Monarchy: The Case and Career of the Duke of Cambridge in a Age of Reform," written by Kevin W. Farrell follows Prince George, 2nd Duke of Cambridge, through his military career. Though this cousin of Queen Victoria, the book explores the changing relationship between the Military and the British Monarchy during the Victorian Era. It is a must have for any scholar of British History or fan of Victorian life. Praise for Military and the Monarchy (If you'd like to add anything further): "Well grounded int he archives, this is an important study both of the relationship between the monarch and military and of the British army as it struggled to cope with the consequences of repeated wars, international competition, and technological and institutional change." - Jeremy Black, Professor of History, University of Exeter "Farrell's comprehensively researched and convincingly reasoned analysis establishes Cambridge as not a one-dimensional reactionary but as a central figure int he complex redefinition of the relationship of armed forces, crown, and Parliament during the mid-Victorian era." - Dennis Showalter, Co-editor of "If the Allies had Falled: Sixty Alternate Scenarios of World War II"

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