The Original MBA - Hardcover Edition

Price: $24.95
  • Author: Sandy Weaver Carman
  • Binding: Hardcover w/dust jacket
  • ISBN: 9781610051408
  • Item #: 3868
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This book's title says it'll help you succeed in business, but "The Original MBA" is also a good road map for life success. 
Taking lessons she learned as a child, Sandy Weaver Carman takes the reader on a journey, re-living the childhood moments when the lessons first sank in and fast-forwarding to the grown-up business situations where those same lessons paid off. 
The stories are genuine, the wisdom is priceless and each section, or "room," of the book wraps up with exercises, or "chores," you can use to lock in the lessons for your own life success. This book is appropriate for those entering the work force, whether just out of school or in mid-life, and for those headed for corporate America or the adventures of entrepreneurship. 

As one reader put it, "It's homey and warm but clearly written by someone who knows what she's doing."

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