The Patriot Parent - eBook for iPad/iPhone/Nook
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The Patriot Parent - eBook for iPad/iPhone/Nook

Price: $4.95
  • Author: Pat Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9781610051132
  • File format: ePub (.epub) for Nook, iPad/iPhone, Adobe Digital Editions, etc.
  • Item #: 3788_ePub
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Pride in self and one’s country is the backbone of 
any nation. Reviving patriotism is the key to saving
Our kids need to be taught to love this country—
warts and all—and to believe that it has been, and
still is, the best form of government ever devised.
We can’t expect them to have incentive to stand up,
fight for and love this country if we haven’t
instilled the knowledge for them to see and
remember what an exceptional country they live in!
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