The Road to Georgia Marble
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The Road to Georgia Marble

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  • Author: Bill Cagle
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  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-6653-0153-4
  • Pages: 178
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The history of Georgia’s marble industry is a much more complicated tale than meets the eye. It begins with the construction of a road built through Cherokee land, leading to the removal of the tribes of Native Americans. From there, the story weaves through the establishment of a state, three wars, the Great Depression, all the way to the present.

Bill Cagle’s unique connection to the town and company that established the marble industry, as well as his experience working with historical societies and years of studying this history, makes him the expert on all things Georgia marble. The Road to Georgia Marble is an informative and concise history on Georgia’s marble quarries and the company that created a monopoly on them. Cagle shows through his own words, as well as photographs and documents collected, how marble went from a rock found underneath the soil to a booming industry coveted by so many.

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