The Zero Gravity Device
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The Zero Gravity Device

Price: $19.99
  • Author: Garet Garrett
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781665300315
  • Pages: 344
  • Item #: 23335_POD
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A retired auto factory worker sees a chance to develop an early childhood 
dream, and without any idea as to where his project will go, if it goes
anywhere, or what to expect as he works on it, he proceeds to follow
through with it. What he has unwittingly built, and discovered, is a new
and radical source of locomotion which is about to revolutionize all the modes
of human travel.

The underlying reality of his invention is, that like so many "benign" inventions, when they get into the
wrong hands, they are malleable, and unfortunately, are too easily capable of manifesting the baser aspects
of subhuman intellect, and thus may then evoke an undesirable dark side.

“Papa! What happened, Papa?” she almost shouted. “What happened? Are you alright? What happened?” 
she asked again and again in desperation. She was kneeling on the grass by me with one hand on my
shoulder and the other hand on one of my legs as she kept looking from me to the shop in an effort to find
out what had happened in there, and how badly I was hurt.
“Oh, God, Mama. That thing in there slid across the floor and hit me in the legs?”
“What thing are you talking about, Papa?”
“That thing, in there. My project . . . That’s what thing,” I said, pointing and waving my arm and hand at 
the shop, and practically groaning the words at her.
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