Things That Make You Go...Hmmm
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Things That Make You Go...Hmmm

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  • Author: Gregg Amerman
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610055758
  • Pages: 224
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Gregg Amerman began his quest for a better way of life and financial freedom in his mid-twenties and achieved remarkable success by his early thirties. He attributes his achievements to the tremendous personal growth he experienced while being mentored and coached by some of the most respected and credible individuals in business and personal success.

However, Gregg’s accomplishments did not occur overnight. There were many obstacles, adversities, trials, and tribulations along the way. But he never wavered from his goals and dreams, graduating from the “school of hard knocks” with a wealth of knowledge and documented personal achievements. With a degree in Psychology, Gregg began his career as a foster care social worker in New York City where he worked diligently helping people overcome their personal issues and self-imposed limitations and motivating families to rebuild their futures.

Gregg spent the next decade of his career in sales, management, and sales training and, ultimately trained, consulted, and advised sales organizations with revenues exceeding $100 million. He then took his career in a new direction as he left the direct sales and networking industry to focus strictly on training. With his unique style of selling, motivating, and coaching, numerous companies began utilizing Gregg Amerman’s training programs, helping people across the country increase revenue, productivity, morale, and personal fulfillment. 

It was in 2009 that Gregg Amerman began another chapter in his professional life when he was introduced to Financial Education Services. Gregg took an exclusive role as Director of Training and assembled a very talented team of individuals who created a duplicable system for all Financial Education Service agents to utilize and build a one-of-a-kind training platform known as FES University.

By reading this book you will:

  • know what it takes to achieve wealth and independence;
  • understand how to eliminate excuses and overcome fears;
  • gain a new perspective on how to control and maximize time;
  • acquire the traits of an effective and powerful leader;
  • learn how to perform like a true professional; and
  • develop a definitive strategy for making excellent choices and decisions.
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