To Market, To Market, To Sell a Fat Pig!
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To Market, To Market, To Sell a Fat Pig!

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  • Author: George Lemmond
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610055291
  • Pages: 91
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To Market, To Market, To Sell a Fat Pig! is for entrepreneurs
or small business owners planning to introduce a new product
or service or college and university students in need of a
crash course on understanding how the art and science of
marketing really works.

When discussing the act of marketing, Lemmond summarizes
his time-tested philosophy that "marketing gives us freedom
of choice and it is the engine of economic growth." To Market,
To Market, To Sell a Fat Pig!
sets the stage, from the time of
ancient marketplaces to the advent of the Internet and the
game-changing contributions of inventors and entrepreneurs.
It explores how to get a new idea, how to test it for relevance
and success, and then how to nurture it to grow into a lasting

George Lemmond earned his credentials as a consumer marketing
professional by building brands and solving marketing challenges
from many perspectives throughout his career. He learned the
basics of marketing at the start of his career at Procter & Gamble,
where he guided the introduction of Crisco Oil and Duncan Hines
mixes before moving into the retail field. As the Director of
Strategic Planning and Consumer Affairs at the Target Corporation,
Lemmond launched their consumer research function, supervised
their testing labs, rationalized their private label program, and
guided their public relations needs.

Lemmond is currently the principal of Lemmond On-Target
Marketing, where he applies his knowledge as a consultant to
small businesses and entrepreneurs. He also teaches a marketing
class at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

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