Us Agin' the World
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Us Agin' the World

Price: $19.95
  • Author: Eugene Clarke
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610051798
  • Pages: 323
  • Item #: 4026
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Born nearly two decades apart, one on a small 
farm in Ireland and the other in uptown New
Orleans. Their paths would cross in the most
unlikely of circumstances.

Opposition was strongest from both their families 
with the one living father threatening to never
again write to his son if he went ahead with his
marriage plans.

Even the hierarchy of the Catholic Church 
weighed in with their assumed predictions that
“the marriage would not last six months.”

"Us Agin' the World: Triumph of Love over 
Church and Family" is a story of courage and
love that not only survived six months but is
stronger than ever... some forty-three years later.
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