What's Done in the Dark
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What's Done in the Dark

Price: $16.95
  • Author: D. Charles Williams, PhD
  • Publisher: BookLogix
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-61005-857-5
  • Pages: 333
  • Item #: 6902
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What’s Done in the Dark provides the most current approach available for understanding twenty-eight reasons why infidel occurs and which of twenty-eight possible types of affairs are involved. Author D. Charles Williams, PhD, provides a common-sense, four-stage, twelve-action-step path to recovery and helps couples establish healthy marital boundaries. Fifty homework exercises designed to improve couple relationships and communication strategies are also included.
What’s Done in the Dark: Affair-Proofing and Recovery from Infidelity will help you:

  • Affair-proof your marriage
  • Practice five principles that ensure faithfulness
  • Win three personal battles within
  • Keep your marriage from becoming marginal
  • Improve your marriage by deepening your faith
  • Adopt the Four as of Intimacy
  • Rejuvenate your love life. 
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