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Price: $15.99
  • Author: Jack Patch
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-6653-0116-9
  • Pages: 347
  • Item #: 23464_POD
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 In my first book of original and authentic poetry, you will be enthralled with the early, intoxicating days of youth, carried across the country, into a Western wilderness, and then turn around and follow my footsteps through the passionate epic poem “Exploring the Appalachian Trail,” based on my backpacking travails up the blissful Blue Ridge, and into the austere North. My two shorter epics, “Trekking up the Long Trail,” and “The Tangled Tuscarora,” are just as vivid and imaginative, and reflect those wholesome hikes I took. Wildflower: Adventures of a Warrior is a potpourri of different poems I wrote, both small and large, based on my different experiences in life. So come, rinse yourself in nature and rhyme, slip into the stream, and blossom with me, from the warbling woodland, up the meditative mountains, and down to the flourishing fields. I will warm you with my intense, internal fire—and you will be stupefied by sunlight! 

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